Favourite jokes

  • Referring to any four-legged animal as a weird dog
  • Massively underestimating the number of nearly uncountable objects
  • Massively overestimating the number of clearly countable objects
  • Bad puns in TV episode titles

(via master-of-dungeons)

Me: leaves a photoshoot half way through to go punch seagulls and shake bushes for energy

I’m just really excited about the latest things I’ve bought recently:

- Papermate felt tip pens from Office Depot

- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 550 “Blue My Mind” 

- Awesome vine “midi” ring from Charming Charlie’s

The pens are awesome and I can’t wait to use them for notes during school. The nail polish is just so bright and awesome and accentuates the ring, which is so pretty and not too flashy.

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